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For the past three decades, F.A. Groups of company have been the prominent center of joining the customers to all domestic and oversea manufacturers withvarious standard raw materials and food additives.


F.A. Groups has consistently been thriving as the leader of food additive distributor. With over 250 dedicated staff and our flexible organization, we can perfectly cope with any situationstogether with strong desire and great effort in providing the best services to our customers. The achievement in this administrative progress brings the dignity and prestige to our group. In the new millennium,F.A. Groups aimsto maintain the leadership of raw materials and food additives distributor.


We are confident in our domestic and export logistic system.Thus, the company’s mission is to serve customers with highest satisfaction.We continueto go forward in the steadfast direction, like the King Eagles, the symbol of our group.




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F.A. Groupsis comprised of F.A. Foods Company Limited, F.A. (1991) Company Limited, F.A. International Company Limited, F.A. Flavors Company Limited, and F.A. Unity Company Limited.


F.A. Groups originated from the establishment of F.A. Foods Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1984 as the distributor of raw materials and chemicals such as starches, phosphate derivatives, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and salt for a variety of food industries.


In 1991, F.A. (1991) Co.,Ltd. was registered with the main purpose of importing raw materials and food chemicals such as wheat starch, wheat gluten, sodium benzoate, and egg powder from overseas manufacturers. We also developed our ownformulas such as mix phosphates to enhance the quality of food products such as seafood, noodles, and meatballs.


As we have been building trustand connection withcustomers and partners, our business has been rapidly expanded. F.A. International Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1995 with the purposes of importing and exporting more items such as milk powder, whey powder, lactose, and dextrose to serve even more types of food industries. We subsequently registered F.A. FlavorsCo.,Ltd. in 1996 to specialize in distributing flavors and colors for food and beverage industries.


F.A. International Co.,Ltd. does not only import raw materials from overseas manufacturers but also exports tapioca starch produced in Thailand to worldwide market. We are an agent of the newly established tapioca starch mill, which is fully furnished with stainless steel machinery, in Thailand. Therefore, we have the capability to supply goods and constant quality product as well as tailored-specification products to meet our customer requirements.


F.A. Groups currently haveover 250 staff--8 executives, 30 salespersons, 55 administration officers, and 157 distribution and depot officers. We have 25 trucks. Our 10 depots have total storage space more than 5,000 square meters. We are ready to go forward by conducting high standard services to reach customers’ satisfaction.




F.A. Groups is the food ingredients and chemicals distributor, providing to many kinds of food industry in Thailand and overseas markets. We provide our own shipment services and we have owned warehouses in Thailand for storing stock.


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